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Fragments of a dream (2016)
für Tenor und Klavier, 8'
Text: Percy B. Shelley
Sprache: Englisch

Uraufführung am 5.5.2016 im Glockenhaus Lüneburg durch René Mense (Tenor) und Thorsten Kuhn (Klavier)

Fragment: Wedded Souls

I am as a spirit who has dwelt
Within his heart of hearts, and I have felt
His feelings, and have thought his thoughts, and known
The inmost converse of his soul, the tone
Unheard but in the silence of his blood,
When all the pulses in their multitude
Image the trembling calm of summer seas.
I have unlocked the golden melodies
Of his deep soul, as with a master-key,
And loosened them and bathed myself therein -
Even as an eagle in a thunder-mist
Clothing his wings with lightning.

Fragment: Ye Gentle Visitations Of Calm Thought

Ye gentle visitations of calm thought -
Moods like the memories of happier earth,
Which come arrayed in thoughts of little worth,
Like stars in clouds by the weak winds enwrought, -
But that the clouds depart and stars remain,
While they remain, and ye, alas, depart!

Fragment: Love Is The Universe To-Day

And who feels discord now or sorrow?
Love is the universe to-day-
These are the slaves of dim to-morrow.
Darkening Life´s labyrinthine way.

Fragment: To William Shelley
(second stanza)

Where art thou, my gentle child?
Let me think thy spirit feeds,
With its life intense and mild,
The love of living leaves and weeds
Among these tombs and ruins wild;-
Let me think that through low seeds
Of sweet flowers and sunny grass
Into their hues and scents may pass
A portion -

Fragment: Is It That In Some Brighter Sphere

Is it that in some brighter sphere
We part from friends we meet with here?
Or do we see the future pass
Over the Present's dusky glass?

Or what is that that makes us seem
to patch up fragments of a dream,
Part of which comes true, and part
Beats and trembles in the heart?

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