René Mense




Touch ...
for cello and its player, 7'

   In the fall of 1996, during the process of selecting and ordering new, non-traditional cello techniques for the composition Touch... Windows, it occurred to me that these different ways of touching the cello with the left hand and the bow could be likened to the stimulation points on nerve cells. Another association was that of computer programs that react to the touch of a hand on a screen. Based on these, many actions -  as, for example, the hammering of a finger of the left hand on the fingerboard, noisy slides on the strings or different ways of plucking them with both hands, as well as the differentiated use of the bow -  could be observed as engravings, i.e., of  inscriptions of varying intensity onto the surface of the human body with the effect of producing ramifications of similar and dissimilar signals.

  Far beyond simply wanting to illustrate processes in nerve cells and computer technology, I was more interested in putting together the different types of "data" formulated in music (in accordance with the Latin "componere") as though it were about the mental processing of sensual data from which perception and consciousness are constructed.

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