René Mense




Kepos (2000)
 for clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, cello and piano, 10'40"

  Kepos was the garden in Athens where the Greek philosopher Epicur (341-240 B.C.) lived with and taught his friends, i.e., pupils.

  The goal of his teaching was to overcome mythic fear based on a perception of nature that animated matter with a soul. To attain a state of bliss was, for him, a way of living invested in reclusiveness and inner balance as the central subject of teaching. Special significance was attributed hereby to symmetry as the mediating element between extremes.

  The score of Kepos was laid out according to dramatic formal ideas. In so doing, the symmetrical partitioning of the piece is superimposed with Fibonacci proportions in connection with the so-called "golden section". On the harmonic and melodic levels as well, intervallic symmetries play a defining role for the sound.

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