René Mense




Allegro leggero (1996/97)
for oboe, viola and guitar, 8'

  The piece is the first in a series of scores for different chamber music groupings extending to the size of a small orchestra, culminating in the piece Partage for 20 players (2001) and Les déserts les plus écartes for piano and 12 instruments (2007).

  In each work, conflict-laden situations from extra-musical life are set up. In light of this, I am questioning the traditional hierarchy of soloist and ensemble player in these pieces and, in the case of the trio Allegro leggero, the coming together of three virtuoso soloists.

  Within the piece, these represent three very differently structured musical sketches brusquely opposing one another. In the process, the performers take up contact with one other through rhythmic-gestural imitation. After a phase of confrontation, this ultimately opens into a section of soloistic passages in which - despite occasional interjections of the others, the debate gradually quiets down. Whereas, in the beginning, the players react more independently, even contrary, to one another, in the closing section of the piece, after each has been extensively heard from, they arrive at a kind of ease in their interaction with one another, a leggero.

Sheet Music Sample (PDF)

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